As a native Staten Island resident and business owner, I have grown up personally and professionally in our borough. I am fully invested in our community – I live here, work here and raised my family here. I appreciate the opportunities to volunteer my time to various educational and athletic institutions, building strong relationships among a diverse cross-section of our neighborhoods.

For the past 27 years, I have been privileged to represent the people of Staten Island. Beginning as an Assistant District Attorney, and then building a private law practice, Staten Islanders have trusted my judgment and abilities to resolve their most serious legal issues.

Inspired by Staten Island’s distinguished judiciary, I would be honored to serve our community as a Civil Court Judge. My years of representing public needs and individual clients who are faced with significant struggles such as injury, arrest, family disputes, business disagreements and substance addiction gives me the understanding and insight as to how to communicate effectively with people in crisis situations and help them resolve a wide range of problems. The integrity of this process is what our local Civil Court is all about.

My career path has instilled in me the temperament and discipline to analyze the issues presented to judges every day.  If elected to serve you as Civil Court Judge for Staten Island, my priorities will be simple: I will use my knowledge and experience to reach fair, impartial and just decisions while maintaining an efficient courtroom.

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